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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Alter Schwede!

Hey Team,
The subject of this blog entry literally means old Swedish man, but young people use it to express astonishment. I think our equivalent would be holy crap. Alter schwede is the best way to express this crazy crazy time. Let's start with Easter.
My friend Alex, refer to Dia de los Enamorados entry, came and visited me in Berlin for a week over his Semana Santa or Easter break. I had a ton of class so his Berlin experience was mostly without me but we did have an excellent trip to Poland. We loooove Poland. Alex and I were invited by one of my polish classmates, Maciej, to spend the Easter holiday with his family in Warsaw. We saw the city, ate some incredible food, and had a really nice time with his family as well as Agata's, Maciej's girlfriend, family. It was really nice. I would love to spend more time in Poland.
This last weekend I went on a class trip to Geneva. I don't have any pictures to upload just yet, but I promise those will be coming. We were doing school related things on Thursday and Friday: meetings with representatives from the Global Fund for HIV, Tuberculosis, and Malaria ; Doctors without Borders, The World Health Organization, and then visits to the United Nations and the International Red Cross Museum. They were educational and fun. If I could pick any organization to work for I think I would pick the Global Fund because they are a new organization that seems to have learned from mistakes that other lending groups, like the World Bank, have made. I don't know if they would have a spot for me but you never know.
Geneva was beautiful. We had a little free time on Thursday and Friday to go swimming (yeah a little cold) and check out the city. We also did some traditional Swiss things like eat fondue and lots of chocolate. Yum. This weekend one of my friends from the program, Constanze, invited us to Nyon, just 20 km outside of Geneva, where she used to live before starting the masters program. There we went hiking and did some more swimming and just kind of hung out. It was great.
So, I have hit Switzerland and Poland in the last two weeks and on Friday Adrian and I are headed to Prague for a long weekend. Yahoo! School is still rigorous but I am trying to be a good time manager so it should all work out. I hope everyone had a happy Easter. Enjoy the picts. :)


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