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Yahoo for Portland, Oregon! This blog will be a place for friends and family to check out what I am up to. The address will stay paigedeut even though I may or may not be in Germany. Now it stands for eveyone's favorite book in the Bible...Deuteronomy.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Consider this the appetizer...

In the craziness between trips I'm not sure when I'll get the chance to post the blog about my first international business trip to Mexico City. In the mean time, check out this link to learn about the organization that Simon and I are working to support:


Blogger AustinShepard said...

Paige! I hunted you down! I have been wondering where you have been. We have to catch up. I miss you. I had to sign up for this google blog to even leave this comment, so hopefully you are still checking this. Please e-mail me back at or find me on facebook and myspace. I want to know what has happened to you.

Austin Shepard

6:06 AM  

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