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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Prague Posted by Picasa


Anonymous michelle Montgomery said...

Always wanted to go to prague, we went to Amsterdam instead, bad choice. Thank you very much for the card and the email. I had a great birthday, most of my friends were able to make it to my party and had the opportunity to meet my parents which meant a lot to me. Graduation was a bit sad, I was surprised how sad I felt, Chapman is small so I knew everyface. I saw Madonna on my b-day, the show was good cause it was fun dance music (even like a virgin on a pole)!
I rented The Graduate and understand the film more now, and how the idea of becoming an average adult is scary, to work a nine to five job. The main character is always "drifting" in his pool not knowing what path to take. Here we are where we always wanted to be, but I dont like it one bit. The film is perfect for synical people, or those confused about the future. The line from the song makes more sense now, "hello darkness my old friend i have come to talk to you agian, people talking without listening . . ."

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