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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My my how the tables have turned...

I am going to write a lazy quick post because some major things have happend around here. I will start with the good news and then ease into the not so awesome news. The highlights are I now have friends, a new place to live, and a thesis topic. I met some new buddies at the international student orientation at the university. I just kind of showed up and started exchanging phone numbers. I then found a place to live through my new church. I live with two Hungarian girls, Lili and Ivett. Both are super friendly and speak excellent English. Also through this church group I found a thesis topic. Here in Hungary they have a unique system of women protectors called vedonok. The vedonok check up on the pregnant women and then follow up with the child for the first three years of life. Now it is my job to do some more research and develop a descriptive thesis.

Remember in that last sad blog where I said most of the reason I am staying here is because of Adrian? Well, turns out that Adrian is leaving Pecs for good on Saturday. He has a race in Salzburg and then he is moving to Florence. You can check out his blog for the details about his contract. The short story is that switching to an Italian team is an excellent career move and a great opportunity. I have decided to stay in Pecs. I feel like I have enough stability here without him and if I moved to Italy I would have to start all over again. Our hope is that maybe I can get rides to Italy with the coach every once and awhile so we can see each other occationally. Long distance relationships are not so fun but this time at least we are on the same continent. That’s life in two paragraphs. :)


Anonymous Sue Hegyvary (Mum) said...

Paige, you have spunk! Along with all sorts of other great attributes, but I admire your gutsy approach to life. Not many people would simply show up at a university orientation program and start networking. Great story.

So Woody Allen was right after all: 90% of life is showing up?


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