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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wrapping it up before the holidays

Sorry I have been MIA, missing in action, on the blog scene this last month. I would like to say that it is because I have been working on a really important project but honestly I’ve been doing what I do best – goofing around.

My hanging out in the last month spanned three countries. My first stop was Warsaw to visit my friends Agata and Kaja. As most of my friends here in Berlin are dudes, I was really longing for girl time so I jumped on a train heading east. I am sorry to report that I don’t have any pictures of our time together. But I can say that it was great and Central European hospitality cannot be beat. Ms. Dukaczewska, Agata and Kaja’s mom, also invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner number one. Yum.

After a stopover in Berlin, I then went to Spain for Thanksgiving #2. Leif, my friend that I visit all over the place, is back in Spain this year teaching English. He went crazy on Thanksgiving bringing over tins of cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie mix from the states. I had a really nice weekend with him and his attractive, I mean friendly, roommates. We of course danced our pants off every night and didn’t wake up until after noon. Viva Espana!

The following weekend after Thanksgiving Kriszti, a sweet friend from Hungary, came to visit me. It was so fun to show her Berlin and catch up on life. It was her first trip to Germany and I think she enjoyed it. She also provided some much needed moral support for my singing career. I do in fact have a video of my performance now. Oh yes. But, I am hoping to get a better quality recording at my farewell show on Saturday.

I will be leaving Germany in a bit over a week. It’s sad because I don’t really know when or if I will be coming back. For the time being I am still working on my German, pretending to be a rockstar, visiting Christmas markets like it is my job, eating lots of chocolate – thank you advent calendars, going on dates this cute boy named Robert, getting excited to go skiing in Oregon for Christmas, and doing my job application thing. As always, hopefully the next blog will include an exciting job announcement and a bit about my plans for the New Year.


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