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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Calzón Chino

Notice: The title of this blog is completely unrelated to the content. I just learned yesterday that the word for wedgie in Mexican Spanish is calzón chino. These little gem is just one of many things I am learning here in Mexico. Other new talents include being able to administer tetanus shots to adults. See photos below.

We just finished a three week vaccination campaign for children under five. We went to kindergartens and houses administering oral vaccines and catching kids up with their vaccination schedules. We also gave tetanus boosters to adults. Now that this campaign is over I am helping with clinical consultations. People who have social security must come to our clinic for a quick check-up before they are assigned a primary care physician. We get them caught up on their shots, give them a few talks about sexually transmitted diseases, oral hygiene, and address general concerns. It is a bit slow because I am doing a lot of observing. But, it is interesting to be in a clinical setting and I think more responsibility will come with time. In addition to these office hours, I will be helping with the mobile medical teams that I talked about in my last blog.

I spend most of my day working with the social security and then zip over to my tutoring job. This job is really fun and also pays the bills. A lot of my satisfaction comes from knowing that I am actually finally using all those chemistry classes that I suffered through. When we aren’t doing chemistry we are doing funny combinations of yoga, interpretative dance, self defense, salsa, stretching, jumping up and down, playing baseball, and probably a few other funny things I left out. Their mom just wants them to get outside and move around for physical education. I love this kind of stuff.

I am going to keep this blog short because the beach is calling my name. I should mention that below you will also find pictures of the newest addition to the Beckley family – Oliver Robert. He was born on the 13th of February. I am especially baby crazy these days and wishing that I was in Seattle to see the little nephew.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Calzón chino is the best word ever to learn! Hey Página! Of course no surprise, it sounds like you're doing great in Mexico. I'm sure all of this experience will be invaluable for future pursuits and current happiness. Ben and I are doing well. We nixed our trip to Europe thanks to the weak dollar, but are happily heading to Indonesia and Thailand instead. Yay to branching out. I've only been to Latin America and am very excited to see a new side of the world. Tons of love! Moosh

10:20 AM  
Blogger yuan family said...

Congratulations on becoming an aunt! Thanks for the update!

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Lisa Dittmar said...

Paige! I'm sooo glad to hear you're still loving life and doing the things that the rest of us only dream of. Give an abrazo to the ninos down there for me.

9:50 PM  
Blogger Kelsey Vaughan said...

This is totally random but I found your blog doing a google search for "internship mexico immunization." And it turns out... you are my hero! I also have no medical certifications but I am really interested in immunizations and would love to do an internship like yours. If you have any guidance you might be able to pass along as to how to secure said opportunity, I would be grateful...

9:54 AM  

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