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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Old Habits Die Hard

It looks like I’m heading back into the land of unemployment sometime in the near future. No, I didn’t get caught stealing office supplies. No, I didn’t take a spa day on the company credit card. I swear I wasn’t a bad employee. The story is that the company is moving to Atlanta. It’s a great move for Simon, my Chief Inspirational Officer (he doesn’t like the term boss), and a smart move for the company. I presume I could continue my job if I moved to Atlanta. This job is a dream come true but at this point it’s going to take something crazy to pull me away from Seattle.

Speaking of why I love Seattle, the Seattle to Portland bike ride was a total success. Hardly any training, 205 miles, and 90 degree weather could have been a recipe for disaster. Instead, Luke, Leif, and I had a ridiculously good time. Laughing, blasting Regeaton from a speaker hooked to the back of Luke’s bike, borrowing some random people in Centralia’s hose to “shower” in the middle of the street, and reviving the monster sunglasses from Big Sun Glass Day were just some of the many high lights. Luke will be shooting me some pictures of the weekend sometime soon but until then here’s a link to photos of me. As always, I look a little frumpy.

Just when I went ahead and thought I’d had the best weekend of the summer, I got slammed with another doozy of a great time in San Diego. It is no surprise that my exciting fun packed weekend was brought to me by the Mathewson dream team: Laurel and Colin. In one day we went on a prison tour, surfing, and a rodeo. There was supposed to be some yoga thrown in that day with my favorite yogi, Valdivia all star Michelle Grunder, but was canceled due to my rock star surfing injury. “No, I don’t need to warm up in the white foam, let’s go straight for the big waves.” Those were famous last words that resulted in a lumpy, rainbow bruised, right elbow with a slight wound to the ego. Really though, I was so glad to have survived the prison tour that some sports induced bruises were no big deal.

Other exciting adventures, in addition to job hunting, are heading my way. I am about 98% sure that my adventures will be based out of Seattle. Although I haven’t officially sent in the resignation papers, I have decided I will be staying here instead of taking that crazy job in La Reunion (by Madagascar). I’ll be working my current job until Octoberish and then I will see what else I can find. I might do some goofing around, hence “the old habits die hard” title, before taking a “real” job.

I will be officially “moving” to Seattle next weekend. I will be driving a U-Haul with my furniture from Eugene to Seattle. Goodbye couch surfing, hello bunk beds. Yes, I’m turning 25 next month and to celebrate I am in hot pursuit of bunk beds. Maybe in the shape of a race car, maybe with a slide, maybe with a desk below, we’ll just see with happens. Let’s consider this blog as an invitation to come visit. I call top bunk.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No love for the Moosher on your blog...que lastima! Well, I love you lots anyways and am so happy I got a chance to see you and for you to meet Ben while in San Diego. I'm sure you'll get a new job in no time and if not, come back down! :o) -Michelle

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