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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My life as a grown-up…part deux

I’ve made the grown-up traveling team this year – both literally and figuratively. I went on my first international business trip to Mexico City. I found out that business trips are well… mostly business: ten to twelve hour days, seeing the city from the backseat of a cab, business lunches, and continental breakfast at the hotel. Thankfully, our partners in Mexico are perhaps the most inspirational, down-to earth, and just great people that I have ever met. It was also rad to personally meet the people on the other end of my daily Skype conferences.

As expected, I managed to do some of the usual Paige Beckley finagling on this trip. I happened to be working in Mexico right at the time cousin Chase got married. My cousin also just happened to get married a little north of Puerto Vallarta on a Monday. All of these perfectly timed events resulted in a weekend split between dancing my pants off with my buddies and logging in some beach / margarita drinking / wedding celebrating with family before flying back to work in Mexico City on Tuesday.

Before I knew about this international business trip, I planned to spend Thanksgiving with Connor and the Rudman family in the bay area. It turned out that I worked in Mexico on Thanksgiving and then flew directly to San Francisco the following day. The Rudman family, which I think we can officially call family, postponed Thanksgiving one day so Connor and I could be there. It was so sweet. While Thanksgiving was the real highlight, getting some time to hang out with Connor was also cool. We did a free walking tour (travelers beware the tours are free but the clientele couldn’t be weirder), checked out Sausalito, and just kind of caught up.

When I’m not being an international business woman, I do other grown-up things like support philanthropic causes. Most recently my house and other buddies did the Wondergirl run supporting Girls on the Run. As you may guess by the pictures below, the theme was super heroes. It’s not exactly a black tie benefit – maybe next year, when I’m older.


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