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Yahoo for Portland, Oregon! This blog will be a place for friends and family to check out what I am up to. The address will stay paigedeut even though I may or may not be in Germany. Now it stands for eveyone's favorite book in the Bible...Deuteronomy.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

This stability thing isn't half bad

This has got to be some kind of record: nine months at the same job and seven months with the same address. Yes, I’m putting down some roots. Of course the travel bug bites me every once and awhile. But, I’ve found that a splurge-buy airline or Amtrak ticket can keep the travel bug at bay, at least temporarily.

My recent weekend adventures have taken me to the exotic locations of Portland and Eugene. Crazy! I spent Portland hanging out with my girls while Eugene was a family weekend. My grandma’s 80th birthday party was Valentine ’s Day and Dad’s 60th was the next day. While my last three Valentine’s Days were spent in exotic Spanish speaking locations, I would say this Valentine’s Day at home was still among the best (pictures to follow).

It’s hard to make a blog exciting when you’re in your home country. However, thankfully there are a lot of thrilling things happening around me. For example, my office displayed artwork of a very up and coming photographer named Cooper. He was featured on Good Morning America, local news channels, and Animal Planet. Oh yeah, Cooper is a cat. As one could imagine, crazy cat ladies - and gentlemen - flocked from miles around to our office. Let’s just say it was an interesting work week. Check the link:


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