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Monday, September 14, 2009

Taking this show on the road

It’s true; thanks to JetBlue I’m back on the road again. I bought an unlimited travel pass to fly anywhere JetBlue flies between September 8th to October 8th. I’m already on my second stop in Philadelphia. I’m here salsaing, hiking, and general goofing around with partner in crime and newly Philadelphia resident: Julie. We’ll actually be staying at her house instead of a mini-van like our last adventure. We’re moving up in the world.

The timing of this trip could not be more perfect. I started a project for Simon’s company about a month ago. It’s on-demand research which works out to be about part-time. This means time to hang out with friends, an activity to entertain myself while friends are at work/school, and enough money to survive.

My last month in Seattle was so great that I almost didn’t want to leave. The weekend before my birthday I went to Victoria with the girls in my core group Bible study. (See photos below.) Once back in Seattle, I had a great family and roommate birthday party. Oliver and his dance moves were the life of the party. This 26th year is off to a great start.


Blogger benjamin said...

so excited for your journey friend! once I heard about all you can jet, all I wanted was to pick up a pass. have a great time!

3:45 PM  

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