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Friday, June 01, 2012

4. Oaxaca, Mexico

Our chariot, Tina, awaited us at the airport.
Jorge got us started on the boogie boarding.
Nap + Beach = Vacation
Oaxaca City!
Hooves are an acquired taste.
As are grasshoppers.
A bit of Mexican culture; Mont Alban is a must.
Mama Dorantes! The best hostess ever!
If you want to make friends in Mexico City go to the posh neighborhood - La Condesa, order Pulque - fermented agave, and request 'Careless Whisper' for Karaoke. Works every time. Just when I thought I couldn't love Mexico any more, along came Oaxaca. The food, the beach, the Dorantes family. This place is paradise. If you want to go, I can point you towards a man who'll rent you this baby:


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