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Monday, February 27, 2006

Mir ist kalt!

I am one bad blogger. Sorry to keep y'all out of the loop. Let me catch us up to speed.
After Spain, I did a little mini tour of Germany with my friend Esther. We started in Frankfurt and then checked out her mama's house in Beleifeld. Beleifeld is a cute little college town and her mom's house is bright and inviting, like most of the living places I have encountered here so far. The high light of the trip was going to her Grandparents' house in the country. Esther's uncle, who also lives on the farm, is a dog breeder so they had some super cute puppies around. We all know I am not a dog person but you have to be just a real jerk not to like puppies.
Speaking of dogs...we have one at our apartment. Yoko is pretty darn cute. I plan on posting a picture of her sometime soon. My excuse for no pictures is that the internet access is a little sporadic these days at my apartment as our internet provider doesn't like American computers. Oh well, hopefully that will come together soon. Technology has not been on my side recently as my palm pilot took a tumble a couple days ago and is no longer working. grrr.
In general, life in Berlin is great. I am eating a ton of chocolate and yummy cheese. (I am hoping the bike ride will compensate for the much increased caloric intake.) The food and booze here is also really cheap. You can get some Turkish delicacies for 2 Euro, or $2.50. It's a whole meal here too. Mmmmm...
One really nice thing also is that I have a good friend who lives here. I met Anja, and Esther as well, in Nicaragua 2 years ago. Anja and I have been spending some quality time together eating Mexican food and salsa dancing. Anja is also a really great friend to have because she is a German teacher. Score. I am going to teach her some belly dancing in exchange for a couple German pointers.
Well stay posted to my blog because I should be posting pictures here soon. I took some shots of my ride to school. I cross the entire city which means I hit most of the major monuments, so you won't want to miss it.


Blogger Michelle said...

Hi Pagina! Sounds like things are going really well with you. I love reading the updates and gettin to feel like I'm there with you. Dogs are the best and maybe you're little Yoko will turn you on to the species :o) Well hope things are coming along and I can't wait to hear about classes and what school is like there. Buena suerte!

3:52 PM  
Anonymous leif Miller said...

Hola Pagina.
Sounds like you are having a good time. Good luck with the Germany. I really learned to like the language during my brief time there. Miss ya lotz,

9:40 AM  
Blogger Oz said...

Your subject line made me think of my favourite German word: "arschkalt".

Germany is a great place to live! Have fun!


12:07 PM  
Anonymous Corie Jones (used to be Corie Schneider) said...

hey Paige!! I just saw your email. I dont check my uw address very often. How exciting that you're in Europe. How long will you be here? (I say here becuase I"m living in England...I got married over the summer and my husband got stationed in England so we'll be here 'til May of 08. How's that for a quick update?)

anyways, i'm so excited that you're out here. It would be fun to meet up somewhere before you leave. Let me know what your plans are. The email address that I use the most is cor825 at gmail dot com. Use that one if you want a quick response ;)

Well, that's all for now babe. Sounds like you're having an awesome time! Ilook forward to hearing from you!


12:31 PM  

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