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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Contact Info!!

I now have an address. Horrah! Well, actually I am considered a guest so you have to send the mail to my roommate. You can just write my name on the back and she will give it to me.

Farkas Lili
Pécs 7632
Kerényi Károly u. 2/b

My cell phone is my own:
011 36 20 200 7837
It's a little pricy for you to call, if you use skype out it's 22 cents a minute. It's free for me to pick up.

The address and cell phone will be good until late October. Then I will be in Amsterdam for a month. I will probably get a chip to put in my phone so I will have a new cell number. We'll see about the mailing address. As always skype and email are unchanged:

Skype name: paigecbeckley (really creative, I know)
email: ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paigey Waige,
So happy I found your blog again. Thank you so much for the great post card. Michelle was just here and drove up from LA by herself. We got her car all fixed up for the driving to and from LA to Santa Ana. So glad to hear all is well for you. I read some of your blog and was really interested in the conversation about doers and be'ers. I think what God wants us to be is be'ers first, then doers as He wills it. We are be'ers for His glory and His pleasure, then we are doers according to His will not just because we need to be busy. Just food for thought on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Eugene. I love you more than words can express, no matter what you do or don't do
Love Mummy II
P. S. My email works again which is

4:02 PM  

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