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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Dodging the Paparazzi in San Diego

Laurel and I already have best friend rings so naturally the next step was best friend bikinis. We figure that since we don’t live in the same city that we’re probably cool to wear them. But then there are the times we are together and we get chased by Japanese tourists. Ok, maybe not chased. But there was definitely a point where we had four cameras and one camcorder on us while different men took turns posing with us.

Other highlights of San Diego included checking out the beautiful University of San Diego campus with my little neighbor, Ashley, who is now a grown-up college student. I also finally fit in a yoga class with my favorite yogi – . My favorite night included an Asian cooking studio with Colin and Peter – fellow signer of the Mathewson’s marriage certificate. I wasn’t really allowed to participate so ended up on the couch with my feet up watching Anthony Bourdain while they cooked. That’s the life.


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