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Yahoo for Portland, Oregon! This blog will be a place for friends and family to check out what I am up to. The address will stay paigedeut even though I may or may not be in Germany. Now it stands for eveyone's favorite book in the Bible...Deuteronomy.

Friday, June 01, 2012

3. Free Trip to Anguilla, British Virgin Islands

Paul got so good at snorkeling that he dove deep enough to break his underwater camera. So worth it.
View from the Spa, yup that was a stop on our trip.
Notice the pink pashmina scarf - yup Jive gives the ladies some pretty awesome swag.
You can take us out of Portland but we'll find bikes - even if we have to ride on the wrong side of the road. Paul pours his blood, sweat, and tears into Jive software. Me, well, I just showed up for a week to keep him company. I am a fan of dating someone with connections to corporate sales teams. I recommend it to all my single ladies.


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