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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Video of the Mama's Celebration of Life

Grab a box of Kleenex and snuggle up with someone you love; the video of my mom's memorial is here.

You'll see me start at about 10 minutes. You'll hear Crosby start crying at 10:01. The first part of my intro was cut-off. The text is below:

'Good Afternoon. My name is Paige Constance Beckley Biggs. Thank you all for coming to honor my mother.In the last weeks of my mom’s life we talked a little bit about what she would like for a celebration of life. She began referring to this occasion as ‘Her party’; 

As such, I thought it fitting that I borrow one of her party dresses. She also wanted her friends and family to wear her scarves and hats. Please be sure to take some pieces of Connie.'

My mom's birthday is just 6 days away. I know her family and friends are finding ways to celebrate her near and far.



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