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Friday, July 19, 2013

Colombia: The Only Risk is Wanting to Stay (official tourism slogan)

Colombia was the perfect honeymoon destination for team Biggs. Why Colombia? It's affordable, tropical, and just two cheap Jet Blue connections away. We pieced together a great combo of R+R and adventure. Cartagena was the first stop. One minute it feels like Pirates of the Carribean, the next - Miami beach. We definitely recommend being there for the month of November. It's Cartagena's independence AND the crowing weekend of Miss Colombia.
Paul got slapped with blue paint for looking at these girls on the float during our honeymoon. We were covered in paint, foam, and beer at the end of the evening on the 11th of November.
R and R consisted of 'honeymoon spa package', snorkeling, and beach time.


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