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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Tour de Berlin

Hey Team,
Yahoo for pictures. I hope all of you will enjoy the much anticipated blog updates. The following very unprofessional pictures give you a little taste of my commute to work. There is a couple of inches of snow on the ground so I am taking a little break from riding. But once the snow melts a little and my health insurance clears, I will be ready to rock again.
A bunch has happened since my last blog. Most notably, I started school. Two weeks ago I started with intensive German. There aren't many foreign students this term in my program so the German course consisted of one other student and me. I will continue with German classes twice a week for the next couple weeks which is cool. It's good to put in class time but I am definitely learning more talking German to my apartmentmates and new buddies.
Speaking of my apartment, we have a little Mexican/German exchange going on. Julia and Thomas left to go to Mexico a week ago. They will be gone for 3 weeks which is a bummer. But, one of my new friends in the program, Clemens, needed a place to stay while he apartment hunts. Clemens was born and raised in Mexico but has German parents. So the cultural exchange fun never stops.
In general life has been good to me. I had a nice visit to Hamburg to see my friend Janina last weekend. Then, this week I started international health classes. Two thirds of the class are doctors and I am the only person born in the 80s, so that's a little intimidating. But, I have found the people to be incredibly friendly and they don't treat me like the inexperienced recent college graduate that I am. They are also super fun. I think my bier consumption may exponentially increase this quarter. That's Germany for you.
Well, I have come a long way from my days of spaming people from my hotmail account. But I still have not mastered the new blog/hello/email technology. I think each entry should get a little better. Next free weekend I am going to try and put some candid pictures up that I have taken with my phone. Those should be good. :) I hope this email finds all of you happy and looking towards Spring.

Der Fernsehturn.

Eine Brucke

A little out of focus, because I am going so fast of course, Das Brandenburger Tor Posted by Picasa

Der Reichtag Posted by Picasa

This is kind of cool because I passed the WWII memorial on my way to work in DC as well. The German WWII memorial has some of the same style with the wreaths. Posted by Picasa

Yeah, you'll notice a lot of layers because it's pretty cold here. This is das Groser Stern.

I have no idea what this is....any guesses? Posted by Picasa


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Those are great pics- I think I saw that last one in Charlie and the Chocolate factory- that's in Germany right? the factory? It's chocolate, it HAS to be. I love chocolate, yum yum yum, chocolate yum, chocolate yum, yum yum yum. I am good at songs.


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