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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Costa Rica: Pura Vida...y Aventura

Scene 1: San Jose Airport

What is the address where you will be staying?

I am not sure. I am staying at a friend’s house.

Where does this friend live?

I don’t know. He is coming to pick me up.

Where does this friend work?

He studied computer science and business. I think he works in San Jose.

Which cities will you be visiting?

Also not sure. My friend will be taking me around.

(Stamps Passport)
Next time you should really get more concrete information before traveling internationally.


Andrey thankfully did pick me up and everything came together. We started out the adventure with a historical tour around San Jose. Andrey explained the history of the country, showed me the most important historical buildings in San Jose, and also took me to a few museums. From there he took me to Cartago where I stayed for most of my trip with his girlfriend, Melania’s, family.

Cartago is a cute town in the mountains featuring a beautiful basilica. The best part of the city was Melania’s family. They were so welcoming and just great people. Katy, Melania’s mom, was my work out buddy. The highlight workout was a morning mountain bike ride with her and her girlfriends. These women know how to ride. I also went on adventures to the highest volcano in Costa Rica with Katy and Melania’s dad, Bernardo, and a spin around the valley with Katy and Abuela. It was really fun to be a part of the family for a week.

Over the weekend, Andrey, Melania, and I went on a road trip to Tilarán where Andrey’s family lives. The Arenal Volcano was out, we stopped by local sights, ate some great food, took pictures of sloths, and talked about life. Andrey’s family was also really great. They took us to Hot Springs by their house. That’s the life. Our trip back to Cartago was eventful with a stop at the beach, a quick tour of the Andrey’s brother’s University as well as the University where Andrey works, and general sightseeing.

Costa Rica was an incredible trip and one of life’s wonderful surprises. I spent much of my time down there trying to convince Andrey and Melania to come to Seattle for their honeymoon. Hopefully they’ll be up soon.

Deja Vu

I remember coming to this church when I was on my fifth grade trip.

Our road trip just happened to coincide with the national day of tourism.

Warm and happy after a night at a hot springs.

Photo with Andrey's family after a delicious breakfast. pinto.

On the beach of Punta Arenas, for some unknown reason, this drink is called a Churchill. One thing I do know is that shaved ice + condenced milk + evaporated milk + red syrup + sherbert ice cream = tummy ache.

Melania's mom and grandma are the coolest.

Checking out Costa Rica's highest point with Melania's parents.

Andrey and Melania infront of the Basilica in Cartago.

Andrey poses with this important statue after explaining a bit of the history. It was a good story but I can't remember it. Whoops.


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