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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Next Adventure: Portland, Oregon

It’s official, as of January 15 I will be returning to my Oregon roots. I’ve loved living in Seattle but I feel the pull to be closer to family and also to get back on the public health / international development career track. (Shameless plug for job leads.) Here are just some of the reasons I’ll miss Seattle:

Seigfried, Tiger that maimed Seigfried, and Carebear (with homemade costume)

Parties and photo shoots organized by Carrie

Steph and Audrey (cutest baby ever)


And, of course, my core group. We’re heading to Victoria tomorrow so I’m sure I’ll get some good shots of us there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So so glad that life with you has been filled with adventures, family, friends, and smiles. As I've spent the past 5 weeks caved up in the house with our newborn babe, it's fun to live vicariously through you. Sending my fave Pagina a big hug!! xoxo Moosh

1:58 PM  

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