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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Over Night Bus Trips: The mobile city that never lets you sleep

Buses are our preferred mode of travel. They are cheap, it’s easy to cover a lot of ground, AND you don’t have to pay for a hostel for the night. Our first trip to Mendoza on the bus was a total dream: the bus was clean, the attendant was really witty and even lead us in bingo, and well the food was about on par with the other buses.

We were so inspired that a couple days later we took a night bus to Cordoba and then a night bus to Buenos Aires the very next day. Back to back night buses are not advisable as you can see from our sleep deprived photo shoot in Cordoba.

Somehow this Fernet (the Argentinian equivalent of Jagermeister) and Pepsi managed to restore me to some type of sanity, or perceived sanity. It was by taking these photos that we realized how tired we actually looked.


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