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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Music Together

One of my mom's dear friends, Philomena Bishop, headmistress of the Eugene Montessori school sent me a sympathy card with such a beautiful memory of my mom. "When your mom found out that Crosby was on the way, her joy knew no bounds. She should have been the Patron Saint of Grandmothers." Yes, my mama loved this little man, and who wouldn't:

Poof hats were a present from the mama. No surprise there.

I'd take the patron saint suggestion even further to say that she should also be the patron saint for Grandmothers. My mother loved her older clients. She planted flowers for them, visited them when their pets died, set-up times for me to play the piano for some, and numerous other acts of kindness. As such, you can imagine my delight when looking for a way to complete goal number 3, I stumbled across Music Together at an eldercare facility. Crosby would be making music for old folks?!? Too perfect.

Here he is dancing with scarves. What could be a more fitting tribute to the original scarf lady?

For the record, I'm also winning bonus points on step number 3. I'm currently taking voice lessons. AND, Michelle Montgomery and I celebrated my mom's birthday by going to a salsa musical. Another 2fer - dancing and music.

As anyone who's experienced loss can attest, holidays are always tough. My mom loved Christmas; she even cited missing this Christmas as one of the saddest parts of dying. So, it's happened more than once that I see decorations, or smell something Christmas-y, and my eyes start to water. I'm still working on goal number 4, but I have to admit that this isn't going to be a holiday card kind of year.

Last year we sent out Thanksgiving cards, which we hope to be a Biggs family tradition that we will resume again. We still have a lot for which to be thankful this year. We also have a lot to look forward to.

Happy Thanksgiving and Advent Season from our little lamb!


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