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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Bad

This is going to come as a big shock: I am an impatient person. Yes, it's true. While I shouldn't be restless for not having a permanent job after ten weeks of living here, I am. I'm looking for that job that is the perfect combination of making the world a better place and actually getting a pay check that can support my crazy adventures. For now I have a temp job that doesn't really accomplish either of those goals. However, I will say this job is the most ridiculous to date. I signed a non-disclosure agreement with my temp agency but let's just say part of the job involves women + sexual frustration and the other involves a male body part + a Spanish speaking country. Piqued your interest?

I am also trying a new form of shameless self promotion: being a guinea pig in a research study at OHSU. The study is on a new birth control patch. (No, I'm not testing it's efficacy.) The nice thing about doing this project is I'm meeting a lot of researchers, getting paid, and contributing to science. In the process I have learned a lot more about my body without getting fat or crazy. Everybody wins.


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