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Monday, October 17, 2016

Celebrating the Mama's Birthday

I did it! I finally got the Lenox china out for a fancy dinner party. Did I take a picture? Nope. But I have five adult and two toddler witnesses. I was six months past my 'year of the mama' deadline, but had the table set for my mom's birthday.

We've passed all of the first year milestones now - my birthday and the anniversary of her death were the last two. Now we're starting to get in the rhythm of life without the mama. We've found ways to celebrate her birthday - eating a meal on china, doing something she would have liked, and donating to Oregon Public Broadcasting. This year's 'something she would have liked' was brunch with Uncle Connor at Urban Farmer.

Don't let Cros' serious look fool you; he was having a good time. The brunch culminated in an interpretive dance while holding a french toast stick.

The last time Paul and I ate at Urban Farmer was a 'thank you for throwing us an amazing wedding celebration' brunch for my parents. This visit there was a wagyu benedict on the menu, my mom would have loved it.

Also belated is a micro post about our visit to Germany in February 2015. There was a lot of Lederhosen, pork, and mama love. I've included my two favorite photos below. We enjoyed the calm before the storm.

Cros loved his mama.
KLM looses your luggage? Just buy Fashing (Mardi Gras) costumes and you're good for skiing.


Blogger Lindsay Soetaert said...

Wow, you probably never knew where'd you be one year later. So proud of you for honoring her in all the ways you have. Good for your soul to let her legacy carry on in the big and small. Also, you continue to dazzle all with your ski suits. So great!

4:08 PM  

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