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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Getting into Portland Culture

Yup, the occasional Timbers game.

Themed Parties: Bunker visiting is just the excuse to go to my first 90s party. Yes, 90s parties exist now.

Yoga + Hiking: Bunker and I escape the hipsters for some fresh air.

Technically the half marathon was in Seattle. But, my training runs helped me get the lay of the land in Portland. I found training beforehand is a much better way to go.

My upcoming adventures will include but not be limited to: day of coordinating Karissa's wedding (got to use that Urban Light Studios training somehow), doing Dallas (visiting Colleen and watching the Ducks in the Cowboy Cup), going to my high school ten year reunion, and turning 28! My next post will also include a family photo shoot from my parents' 40th Wedding Anniversary. This shoot was even better than the pre-chemo photos - get ready.


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