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Hallo Berlin! This blog will be a place for friends and family to get very occasional snip-its on Biggs' life in Germany.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Paige's 24 Year Plan...

The title was supposed to be some kind of play on Mao's 5 year plan. I don't know if it worked - the play on words that is. Anywho, today is my 24th birthday. We got the celebration kicked off last night with dinner and tonight is an Eugene Emeralds Baseball game. I'm looking forward to being called out on the field to throw the first pitch. haha. I think that honor is reserved for under 8s.
I'm blogging now because I have a bit more clarity about how the next couple months are going to look. It's only a bit more clarity so don't be surprised if the next update is totally different.
Interestingly enough, much of my plan revolves around my tonsils. Yes, my tonsils. The mystery is officially solved - mono negative, lame tonsils positive. So they, and maybe the adenoids too, have got to go. The same day I got the tonsil news I also found out that I was invited to Berlin to present my thesis research at a European Women's Health Conference. The conference is the other part of the plan. Below is a rough sketch at what we're looking at, you can also check my google calender which gives location details for specific dates.
Now - mid Sept = Eugene: same old, same old awesomeness
mid Sept - mid Oct = Europe: Germ tour (as in Germany) to see Esther in Frankie, Ulf and Betinna in Hannover, Berlin peeps and presentation time, Croatia with Hillary, Spain and somewhere else to see Leif and maybe my cousin Riley, visiting Hungary hommies.
mid Oct - mid Nov = Tonsil time. I might have to do a round of antibiotics and then I'll be in bed for two weeks. Go me.
mid Nov - mid Dec = hanging out in Eugene with the possibility of trip to AZ to visit G and G, Colleen, and stop by San Diego to check on the Mathewson dream team.
January 1 - Start that really cool job, with really cool people, in a really cool location.
Again, everything is up in the air because I haven't even asked all of these people if we can hang out. But, I think it should work out. I'm hopeful. I'll end this blog with a message from my Aunt's bday card greeting, "In the garden of life you are one of the rarest of flowers." Let's take a poll, is that a good thing?