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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Self Employment Is the New Funemployment

Good news! As of two weeks ago, I am employed. You’re looking at the principal of Piccola Group LLC. Piccola is an acronym for Project Coordination, Investigation / Research, Multilingual Communication, Consulting , Organizational Support, Logistics, and Administrative Solutions. The catch: I’m self employed and don’t have many clients. (Tell everybody you know I’m wide open for projects.) The hope is to build Piccola Group while looking for other full or part-time work. I’ll be working to expand my services - getting certified as a translator / interpreter, getting my liquor license - and learning about setting up a business - marketing, putting together a website, etc. It’s a fun project.

When I’m not “working” you’ll find me around Seattle swimming, playing tennis, salsa dancing, catching-up with friends, hosting parties, and hanging out with Oliver. Summer is hands down the best season to have free time. That being said, I’m really hoping that I land something more or less stable before too long.

As promised, below please find a photojournalism project on Julie’s and my epic trip to Vancouver, BC. We reached some new levels of dirt bagging.

Consulting Our Guide

The first stop was visiting Dirt Bag Guru Leif Miller. We took the opportunity to play a little dress up. Leif proudly wears his birthday hat and elbow warmer. Don’t ask me what I’m wearing or thinking for that matter.

Breaking the Law…As Usual

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Ignorance is bliss.” Julie and I didn’t learn until the last day that cooking on the beach was illegal.

Taking Classy to a New Level

Just to add a little challenge the trip we decided to maintain regular hygiene practices aka shower regularly. For that, thankfully, there are public pools. Vancouver takes it up a notch by offering public showers outside of public pool premises in Stanley Park. On day two, Julie had the privilege of showering outside with a local bum.

We don’t pay for Wifi, Meals, or Hotels

Thank you citizens of Vancouver for not password protecting your Wifi.

We’d also like to thank the residents of the surrounding UBC neighborhood for letting us sleep in a mini van outside your house.

Finally, a big thank you to the neighbors in North Vancouver who let us cook French Toast in the gravel turn out by their driveway. Yum.

Hiking by Day, Salsa by Night

Julie and I were meant to be friends because of our strange combinations of hobbies.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

You Get the Idea

For whatever reason, Julie and I only got hiking photos of us dirty and sweaty instead of salsaed out. Thankfully I did get some pictures of roommie Kim, her friend KC, and I before a night out in Seattle.

Here’s a video Julie took of me dancing with one of the best dancers in Seattle: . Yay!


(coming soon)

A Toddler After My Own Heart

Oliver’s favorite activities include swimming, dancing, playing dress-up, making noises, eating, napping (resulting in awesome bed head), “cooking”, and cuddling. Did I already mention I love him?