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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Democracy is a B, Part Deux

Surprise, surprise...I don't do my best writing with no sleep at 5 am. ;)

In the week since the election, I've learned of many people who voted for Trump. These are lovely people who don't fit the description of white, never traveled, and not educated. Now I have a different take:

This election, too many of us forgot our hearts and heads when we went to the polls. Our 'crap detectors' stopped working as we got caught in a reality TV saga.

There are the other factors - the FBI email investigation, Russia's hacks, complacency because we thought Hillary was going to win, etc. But in general, we didn't have our game faces on.

While some would say it's too little too late, I'm at the ready to protest, march, or get arrested to show solidarity who those Trump disrespects. I am for unity of this country insofar as it's unity for ALL the people. I have Phelps face now.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Democracy is a B

I have so so much to say this night as I can't sleep. But anger, frustration, and sadness make the words few.

There are so many things that make me proud to be a citizen of the United States. It is a place where we have safe and fair elections. We have a culture of innovation. We have a population of generous people.

But this year, I remember that the America I love isn't the 'real' America. The vast majority are not well educated, do not have passports, and do not truly love their black/brown neighbor as themselves. This America got the president that does, in fact, represent their values. Fear mongering, not bravery, won the day.

The outcome of this election breaks my heart but we can't let it break our spirit.