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Monday, April 06, 2009

Numerology: Being a Grown-up Part IV

After many years, I have finally discovered the perfect way to travel – in 3s, specifically just a married couple and me. I have the Mathewson dream team to thank for this realization. As noted from previous blogs, Laurel and Colin are the coolest married couple alive. Therefore it’s possible this theory could break down with another couple. But for now, it stands.

I had the pleasure of spending my Springbreak in San Diego. This visit had many of same elements as my last trip: a dinner date with my favorite yogi, Michelle, and her husband, Ben; out of this world yummy food, sun, beach, girl talk and dancing. This trip was also longer which brings me to my second realization – it’s important to stay at any person’s house for at least six days. Let me reiterate, this is the minimum. With our extra couple days we went on a desert camping adventure. Please enjoy the photos.

Laurel and I make the shadow of a 3 to show the ideal travel number

A three person tent is made to be filled up

Desert Flower Photo Shoot

Colin said something about the name of this canyon being ironic. I don’t get it.

April Fools'

So, that last post was supposed to be a bit of a joke (at least the numbers part). The adventures and good times are for real. Below are a couple photos of my dad’s 60th party. Everything about the below photos is serious business.

Bunch ‘o Beckleys

Note to self: At black tie dinners most ladies will wear black.

Learning from the Lord of the Dance: my grandpa