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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mon Vie en Fete

My friend Malorie, see jetblue pictures, once spent an academic year in Alaska. When I asked her how she survived the darkness she told me, “themed parties”. I’ve taken her brilliant approach this summer. Below please find a photo journalistic perspective on my party season.

Kim y Brian

Who said weddings had to be serious?

Who says you need a wedding cake? Sharat and I were the official wedding donut delivers. So there were a couple missing when we arrived to the weddings, ndb.

Kirsten's Hotel Birthday Party

This was the first and potentially last sampling of Veuve. Sharat gave Caitlin this fine bottle for graduation. Not knowing what a gem it was we ‘accidentally’ drank it out of plastic cups at the Holiday Inn Express in Renton. Synchronized swimming, nail painting, and prank calls followed.

Bachelorette Debauchery

This trip not only confirmed that the Oregon Coast is the most beautiful place ever but also that Kim is a bride worth celebrating. She is the only person who could make granny panties look this good.

White elephant gifts are even more dangerous at a Bachelorette party. Something about Caitlin’s furry red shoes and belly tattoo encouraged her to climb this pole, I followed suit.

The big 27!

My birthday confirmed that not only are my friends and family the best, they are also the smartest. The party consisted of trivia at a bonehead Belltown bar, which we won, and then dancing. I decided that every birthday here on out will involve some sort of dance.

Ciao Chemo

My mom finished chemo at the beginning of July. She had a party to thank all of the friends who hung out with her at chemo, brought meals, and were overall awesome. The PET scan was clear so we’re breathing a sigh of relief. It wouldn’t be a party without my mom’s amazing décor.

There’s a party in my pants

A right of passage: Grandpa and Grandma give Oliver his first pair of lederhosen.

Beef Party: Round 4

Back in November my mom accidentally ordered half a cow. (Splitting a cow with a friend literally meant right down the middle.) Over the past 10 months my roommates and I have been getting plenty of iron and throwing a series of parties.