Paige's Return to Deutschland!

Hallo Berlin! This blog will be a place for friends and family to get very occasional snip-its on Biggs' life in Germany.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Babes in Sequimland

We had to pose by the stray sunflower next to the field of organic Buckwheat.

Unkie shows us how to cut Lavendar

It's all fun and games until Kirsten grabs a sickle

STP Revisited through photos

I hung out with Leif, Luke, and Ivett (Luke's honey) this weekend. The usual action packed weekend: salsa dancing, hiking, bowling, team naping, bar hopping and a trip to the Bham gay dance club. No biking though. :(

Elvis was at the STP

This is a photo of us hanging out at the first 25 mile rest stop. The first rest stop had happy people and Elvis. The last one had sore people and high school kids rationing watermelon slices. Hum.

There's something about STP

Hair this sexy only comes after 100 miles of sweat and wind.

Dance Break

You might not be able to tell but Leif and I are actually dancing to "Dame mas gasolina" by Daddy Yankee. We had a dance party while waiting to go across this bridge into Oregon.

Who says Spandex isn't sexy?

Thank you to Luke for showing us that it's not what you wear but how you wear it. Looking good.

Thanks and Goodbye

This was our way of saying thank you to our faithful friend - the porta-potty. We saw the inside of a few of these during the 200 miles.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It’s not bad being a grown up

After the initial trauma of realizing I’m a quarter of a century old coupled with a birthday complete with a very delayed long greyhound bus ride and dinner at a restaurant all by my lonesome, I have settled into being 25 years old. With aging comes wisdom. I am going to share with you, my beloved blog readers, some of the gems I’ve picked up in my first month as a 25 year old.

I have discovered the joy of renting a car. Technically one can rent a car in the 18-24 age range but there are extra fees. (We all know I am a sucker for cheap or free stuff. Hopefully that is something I will not out grow.) My first rental car voyage was out to Sequim with Kirsten my friend/housemate to visit my Aunt and Uncle Lamb (see September 2007 – A slice of Americana.) Kirsten and I successfully pilfered a few pounds of lavender, filled our tummies with delicious food, and learned about farm life. Pictures to come soon.

Another perk I am particularly enjoying is working “remotely”. Working remotely doesn’t necessarily come with being 25 but it is very adult. This last week I worked remotely from the cultural Mecca of the greater Flint, MI area. Maybe a little explanation is in order. While I was in Mexico my awesome friend Nina and her sweet pololo turned husband, Alex, had a babe. I had to get out to their place in Michigan to check her out. Natalia is, in fact, one of the cutest babies on the planet.

That brings me to my next great point of being an adult – all the babies. I love being an aunt and honorary aunt. The giving-the-baby-to-the-parents-at-the-end-of-the-night bit isn’t bad either.

At the end of the month I will head into the big leagues of my big faker stage (November 2007 – Chronicles of a big faker). I will be marrying my friends Chrissy and Ian. This is probably the point where international and domestic readers are scratching their heads. Well, it started with a visit to A couple clicks and $40 later I am Reverend Paige Beckley. No, not Reverend actually, I gave myself the title of ‘Wedding Officiant’. I can legally marry people in most states. I don’t plan on marrying anyone after this wedding but I do carry my ordination identification card in my wallet just in case.

In other exciting news, I’ll have a new roommate, as in another person in my room, in a couple of weeks. Kirsten has a job that travels a ton so she’ll be staying with me for a few days a month. I mention this last point because reservations for a twin bed are now necessary for a stay at the Paige Beckley suite. However, there is always a vacancy for a big spoon.