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Monday, October 24, 2011

Twenty-eight is Great!

I’m only two months into 28 and I’m already accomplishing a lot of my goals for this age. In fact, I even completed one of my goals – getting genetic testing - a week before my birthday. Great News! I found out that I am negative for the BRCA1 gene (the breast cancer gene). As many of you know, with the bad news of my mom’s breast cancer came the compounded bad news that she has the breast cancer gene. This meant that I had a 50% chance of getting the gene as well. Thankfully I don’t have it and I cannot pass it to my progeny.

Side note of awesome news – my mom’s September bi-yearly scan came back clear yet again. Her oncologist said she responded to the chemo better than anyone he’s ever seen.

As such, my birthday this year was really a celebration of me and a lifetime of keeping my boobs. This cake, a gift from Colleen, really tied it all together.

This cake was just one of the many wonderful birthday surprises that awaited me. Paul planned the most amazing multiple stage birthday party with surprise guests and adventures: twilight prom photo opps, picnic by the gorge, hike around cool waterfalls, yummy Mexican food with 15 buddies, and then 90s dancing.

Goal: Dance Every Birthday

In addition to dancing to celebrate my birthday, a week later I got a surprise visit from Julie Sandoz just two days before she shipped off to Haiti for five months. It’s just like her to pack-in as much salsa as possible before re-locating. Her very candid and sweet blog about her experience can be found here.

Goal: Travel to More Exotic Locations ;)

Dallas: check

Las Vegas: check

Goal: Not Hurting Myself

Last time I went out 80s dancing my dress fell apart and stabbed me. This time my coworker, Heather, and I just broke hearts.

My first cyclo-cross race in two years. Bruises and scrapes are almost all healed.

Goal: Attract European Visitors

Five years after finishing my master’s program I finally got my first visitor – Bettina! I knew this would be my big chance to woo more friends across the Atlantic so we went for it. In just three days we saw Portland, Eugene, Crater Lake, Redding, and San Francisco. We also had some real cultural experiences.

Bettina’s first – and last – corn dog. Yum.

Our biking adventure ended in hitch hiking. Bettina experienced some real American hospitality – or pity depending how you look at it.

In the last year, David has not only become even more handsome, but also a certified sailor. I discovered that I’m actually pretty bad at it but man it’s fun and exciting.

Goal: Not Kidnapping the Children in my Life

This last goal is going to be tough.

Leah, a dear friend from Hungary, was back in California for a few weeks on furlough. Every time she visits she brings a new bundle of cuteness. It’s a good thing baby Ezstie lives in Hungary because otherwise she’d be too easy to snatch-up.

Oliver and Tyler came down for my birthday weekend. Oliver loves the Portland Street cars.